Swift AV Solutions Ltd recognises and accepts the duty placed on it as an employer to provide both a safe and healthy place of work and working environment. Furthermore, Swift AV Solutions Ltd Owners accept that this duty extends to non-employees who may be affected by Swift AV Solutions Ltd activities or who may visit Swift AV Solutions Ltd premises.


Swift AV Solutions Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in health and safety within all areas and aspects of Swift AV Solutions Ltd undertaking. In this respect it will take all necessary steps to ensure that at all times there is appropriate resourcing in the provision of manpower, materials and training, for the organisation and arrangements for health and safety.


Swift AV Solutions Ltd believes that full and effective compliance within the duties placed on Swift AV Solutions Ltd can only be achieved with the active involvement of the whole workforce. Swift AV Solutions Ltd therefore calls upon the full support and co-operation of all its employees in respect of the arrangements made to ensure health and safety within all areas and activities of Swift AV Solutions Ltd undertakings.




The objectives of Swift AV Solutions Ltd Health & Safety Policy are to prevent accidents and ill health at work, and any consequent personal injury, suffering and financial loss.

To achieve this objective Swift AV Solutions Ltd will ensure that the following are, so far as reasonably practicable, provided and maintained throughout Swift AV Solutions Ltd


• A safe place of work, with safe access and egress.

• A working environment where the foreseeable risks have been assessed and appropriate control measures put in place.

• Plant, equipment, materials and systems of work that are safe.

• Arrangements for the safe use, handling and transport of articles/substances.

• Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees to work safely.

• Arrangements for ensuring non-employees, who may be affected by Swift AV Solutions Ltd activities, are accorded the same level of safety and protection against risks to their health, as its employees.

• Monitoring all actions regarding health, safety and welfare to ensure legal compliance.

• Identifying and learning from experience to improve performance.

• Prevention of all foreseeable accidents and ill health and assistance in the rehabilitation of its employees.

• Active encouragement of the reporting of all accidents, incidents and near misses.

• Systematic reviews of all incidents and sharing of key findings, in order to improve current working practices and to prevent future recurrences.

• Promote a ‘no blame’ culture across all activities.

• Take all necessary steps to ensure that appropriate resources are available at all times.

• Raise awareness amongst its employees, contract workers, temporary workers and other third parties as appropriate.

• Provide the necessary expertise and resource, including communication and consultation, planning, monitoring, inspection and auditing procedures to ensure that there is effective management of health and safety throughout Swift AV Solutions Ltd.


Issued May 2020




The Directors are responsible for establishing and monitoring health and safety arrangements within the organisation in order that the objectives of this Health & Safety Policy can be achieved at all times.

Swift AV Solutions Ltd are responsible for:

• Developing the Health & Safety strategy and plans.

• Ensuring arrangements are in place to enable all areas of the business to manage health and safety effectively.

• Keeping the Health & Safety Manual under review and revised as necessary.


The arrangements made to comply with health and safety legislation form an integral part of the successful performance of Swift AV Solutions Ltd business. Everything reasonably practicable is to be done to prevent foreseeable accidents and to prevent injury or ill health. All employees have a duty to take reasonable care of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their actions. As an important step to promote the co-operation and involvement of the workforce, arrangements are made for consultation on matters of health, safety and welfare through established Safety Committees at locations and with safety representatives from within the workforce.


All employees will be made aware of Swift AV Solutions Ltd policy, organisation and arrangements for health and safety, as it affects them in the workplace, to include the issue of this policy statement, information on the general duties of the employees and the control arrangements in their particular location. They will also have access to all information contained in the Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment Manuals and are encouraged to actively engage in discussion with the Northgate Safety & Environment Department where necessary.

The information contained in the Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment Manuals will be reviewed periodically or updated if legislation or operational requirements so dictate. Any changes in policy and strategy or significant changes in organisation and arrangements will be made, in the first instance, on the advice of the Swift AV Solutions Ltd Directors and will be communicated throughout the business.