Covid-19 Response 

The Meetings and Events Industry is due for a significant change in the planning of corporate events.

At SwiftAVSolutions we have always focussed on the safety of delegates and this has enabled us to reacted quickly to the planning industry and offer our expertise.

Room Layout Planning


With Social Distancing being a major consideration when planning Event Planners are now going to have to consider:

- Larger Venue Space

- Guided One-Way Routes Through Event spaces
- Further Risk 
- Pre communication with delegates with confirmed responses that health and safety      protocols are agreed and understood

Also due to travel constraints a different style of meeting will need to be considered. At SwiftAVSolutions we are suggesting three styles.

A small meeting with social distancing in a single venue

Multiple small meetings in

a single venue but multiple rooms, utilising SwiftAV's various broadcasting platforms

gray-map-illustration-png-clip-art (1).p

Multiple small meetings in

multiple venues worldwide, utilising SwiftAVSolutions various broadcasting platforms

Fever Detection Tech


Vodafone UK, in partnership with Digital Barriers, today launched a Heat Detection Camera to help UK organisations get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The Heat Detection Camera combines thermal imaging and Vodafone’s leading IoT connectivity to screen the temperature of people as they enter buildings.

Travel & Safety Awareness


As the current travel restrictions are ever changing please refer to our page with the airlines most up-to-date travel news. Please click HERE

Webcasting Policies GDPR


Webcasting brings a whole new perspective to the legalities of recording and broadcasting of personal information protection. Rules do differ in different countries but Europe's current GDPR guidance does fulfil most other countries requirements.

SwiftAVSolutions have all the information regarding retention of recordings and obtaining permission to recording/broadcast. Please get in touch for our consultancy services.

Health & Safety Onsite


SwiftAVSolutions are up-to-date with both standard on-site Health&Safety in the workplace programmes. However most importantly new advice for both travel and being safe in a work environment is a top priority for us. It is paramount that the health of Staff/Clients & Delegates is now more important than ever. 

We have consulted with both medical professionals and manufacturers of our equipment to keep on top of best practices to keep all of our contacts safe whilst still maintaining the excellent service that is testament to our Global customers.